Monday, September 28, 2020

Key West

I was looking back over my photos from years past and I notice a pattern in my travels around the Keys. I liked to walk around town in the summer when there are fewer people on the streets resaving winter for more back country time away from the crowds. This year things have taken a decidedly odd turn with a summer filled with blisteringly hot days, coronavirus and peculiar political ructions. 1968 - we missed you!
Petronia Street
Florida's governor, a close supporter of the president has declared Florida is mask free and coronavirus numbers are going down so no local government can require masks. Businesses can but compliance is reduced pretty much to a shirt wearing requirement. In the way a business can require customers to be clothed they can also require customers to be masked but cities and counties can't. 
My life won't change much and my wife who works at home is suddenly going to be dining out on the strength of the governor's reassurance that Covid is cured. From here on out you either work or not but there is no compensation for coronavirus related unemployment. I watch the numbers going up in Europe and I return to my original position which was not so much lock down as strict social distancing, masks and take out food and entertainment. But no one cares what I think so I shall continue to navigate a solitary course.
Key West
Rusty and I have been pursuing solitary walks with a vengeance since March 15th, the Ides of March, and I feel the anniversary of our isolation will be upon us before we know it.  I miss the ease and freedom of walking among people and photographing what I saw in a. town filled with color and life. I enjoyed night walks as an alternative, a change, but nowadays I feel a bit like a vampire, either looking for a sun close to the horizon among the mangroves, or darkness enveloping empty city streets.
Key West
The piecemeal chaotic politicized response to the pandemic seems to indicate to me the prolongation of this ridiculous state of affairs well into 2021and I am resigned to another year of creeping round on the margins of society waiting for the all clear from reputable scientists and physicians. 
We got our mail ballots this week and I am pondering my choices, either drop them in the main post office around the corner from the elections office or vote early in person October 24th. There are many limitations on life in a  small town distant from population centers but the sort of post office shenanigans and mail ballot arguments that I read about Up North seem not very applicable here. I won't mail my ballot in Summerland Key because any mail dropped there for Key West is shipped via Homestead as part of the efficiency drive of the postal service. In normal times that makes no appreciable difference to delivery but paranoia reigns and only mail posted within Key West's zip code directed to 33040 itself, is mailed directly and locally. Absurd that one even has to think about these things.

I have no doubt elections arguments and protests and debates will continue on into the New Year and so far 2021 seems to look much like 2020. Great prospects. I only hope I can keep finding items of interest for my camera to help me ignore the madness around me.