Monday, October 20, 2014

The Two Faces Of October

I went to the Tropic to see "The Two Faces Of January" which I greatly enjoyed. It was a good ride in, under sunny skies and I almost regretted going to the movies in such weather. But I love stealing a march on the worker bees by being able to attend a matinee.
Regret increased momentarily coming out as the sky was black, promising heavy rain, but nothing daunted I got into my Frogg Toggs and put my head down. The imagined downpour never struck as I rode the Overseas Highway 25 miles home. Seen here at the Harris Channel Bridge, Mile Marker 18.
Yes, it rained slightly but I was dressed, I enjoyed the challenge, and a good time was had. I always enjoy riding in the rain as it's not properly cold here, so hypothermia is hard to catch with minimal foul weather gear, and there aren't the added problems of slippery mud or dead leaves to contend with.