Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simonton By Eaton

Buttonwoods on Simonton are coming into their own again. They provide shade on a hot summer afternoon as one ambles along Simonton to check out the secret garden.

One doesn't have to arrive in the garden to see a few bright frangipani or "frangy pansy" as a passing visitor described them. I rather prefer that name actually.

Oops, the secret garden is no more, the parrots and some plants have moved to Elizabeth Street.

There's a useful sign on the clean, closed gate.

Free School Lane is still lined with pretty homes but the garden is gone for sure.

Now that's a car port with style!

The walk was a bit long for my Cheyenne who needed nourishment along the way. And of course she found it, a slice of sunbaked pizza in just the right spot to refresh and reinvigorate my lusty Lab.

Had she brought her trousers and wallet Cheyenne could have bought an astonishing fanciful cake from the window display on Simonton.

Karol does a bang up job of building multiple storey confectionary.

Across the street some optimist is trying to offload the haunted theater to some uneducated punter.

The reason they say the bums never sleep in the protected doorway of the old pile is because the ghosts frighten them off.

I don't believe in ghosts but I do keep my eyes open. I liked this reflection:

Check this out, our northern cousins are trying to out patriot us. This despite the fact no one has ever had the heart to hate Canada.

We support our troops fighting the ice on Hudson's Bay. Good job chaps. Meanwhile here in the land of the free there is some mumbling about closing the Federal Courthouse on Simonton.

It was just recently renamed in honor of the late Judge Aronovitz, and I doubt anyone will actually force illegal Haitians, fish poachers or their lawyers to travel to Miami every time they want to have a Federal hearing.

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