Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Mask Up Key West go the instructions, and now we are told us vaccinated people may not have to wear masks in public anymore. As vaccines are going unwanted in the county it seems like the dodos who don't want vaccinations are all that's left we might as well get on with it and let the chips fall where they may. Luckily I don't set public policy because my patience with this virus reticence is at an end.
Summer is here, actually this is one of the quietest times of the year in the Keys, not easily quantified but I'll stick my neck out. Winter residents have gone north to the hot dry winds of the plain states and the summer visitors with their families and beach gear haven't yet arrived as schools are still in session. 
I saw a white crowned pigeon on a tree in Mallory Square and couldn't get my camera focused fast enough. They are incredibly fast fliers and I usually see them flitting at mangrove height twisting across the horizon like guided missiles. And here this one was sitting placidly not 15 feet away. Lovely.
It's not all nature and white crowned pigeons at Mallory Square either. 
I saw an actual sailboat raising actual sails and quite possibly making progress with no engine assistance at all. 
Clouds caught my attention here in the heart of the city just as they do in the wilderness. 
I love clouds.
And abstract buildings, comparing the Opal Resort (until recently Margaritaville) with the older brick...
...of the Clinton Square Mall, a former warehouse in the glorious days of the maritime trade of decades past.
Rusty ambling past the old water cistern between the resort and the Custom House:
A pleasant morning stroll not likely to be overcrowded as cruise ships are nowhere to be seen here or elsewhere in Florida.