Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road Works At The Ramp

Old timers know the corner where South Roosevelt meets Bertha Street as "The Ramp," because there used to be a boat launching ramp pointing due south at this spot, behind where the runner can be seen in the picture below.

Some brilliant engineer figured the start of Spring Break would be the perfect time to tear up the corner which connects the city's longest beach, much beloved of the visiting students, to the rest of the city.

Coming into town along Smathers Beach in this sequence of photos we have made the turn from aiming west in the top picture to turning north up Bertha in the second picture and here below we see the line of cars waiting for access to Smathers Beach. What a business!

All this work to install some valuable piping which doubtless will make
life tons better for all concerned.

And had it been installed two months later before schools vacation and families invade Smathers no doubt some indescribably awful Mayan Prophecy of Doom would have overcome us all. Far better to disrupt traffic as much as possible in peak visitor months; it's the Key West way.

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Mysteries Of Thomas Street

A ladder on a roof with no way to reach it. How odd.

This faded thing looked to me to be the first national flag of the Confederacy and what it was doing here is another of those mysteries.

Someone went to great lengths to have this lovely sign chiseled out of a piece of wood and painted. Too bad they can't spell.

Back to reality for a minute and a happy cyclist touring Key West.

And some lost spring breakers. "Does this sign mean pedestrians too?" No dude.

And now a lick of paint on the north side and the building will be complete.

When viewed from the sidewalk I love watching people stop in the middle of the roadway to chat.

I thought this sign enhanced the church front no end. I'd rather see a nice fence around the dusty dog toilet instead, but I am one of those dog owners who is attached by umbilical cord to an endless supply of plastic bags.

The weather was bad enough to tear up the walking club sign that said "postponed" because I guess weather was not permitting. I wonder what a walking club does?

I never heard of three olive vodka before I found this Spring Break party favor perched outdoors. How it got here I can only imagine as this is the time of year for odd drunken finds.

This picture is a mystery. I can't remember for the life of Meir it's Julia, Amelia, Virginia or some other side street. Oh well.

Big house, big scooter.

This mystery: how is it tourists on scooters aren't falling down all the time. I've been paying particular attention this week and they ride so badly, beeping their horns as they go that I wonder they aren't committing suicide all the time.

Roosevelt Sands public housing to close out this walk.

It is a mystery to me how some people manage summers in these apartments without air conditioning. It seems impossible but some do just that.

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