Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Key West Succulents

I think my dog is pretty succulent but it was because I found myself resting for her sake next to some cactus that I started to think about these strange plants.
I come up short when it comes to naming them. I know what saguaro look like because I am well traveled, but if they aren't saguaro-like then as far as I am concerned they are all prickly pear, and that's that.
Then there are the frangipani, not really succulent, which are slow to make an appearance this year. Mine look stick like and dead so I anxiously check the plants that belong to people who I hope know what they are doing, horticulturally speaking. If mine look like theirs I'm happy, and if they don't I figure the bastard bloody iguana have been ravishing mine and eating them. Frangipani are my kind of plant, indestructible, determined to grow never mind the effort required, and like gumbo limbo they will take root if you stick a piece into half way promising soil and even if you forget to water them in the fullness of time the twig will sprout. What me? Forget to water..? Amazing stuff frangipani and gumbo limbo.
My wife also took refuge behind a curtain of palms. I thought I had snuck this one but she twigged I was sneaking a picture while I fiddled with my Android phone.
This plant below looks like the stylized lotus plants you see in Asian illustrations. Maybe it's an actual lotus? Who knows, but for some people Key West is decidedly the land of the lotus eaters so there should be lotus plants, you'd think.
Ah yes, it's all greenery and sunshine in Key West.
But there again it's getting that way everywhere north of the Equator, this time of year. We are no longer special as the snow fields retreat for the summer.