Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Visitor And I Discuss Parking

I'm not sure if Cheyenne leads me or if I lead her, but in the end we see everything it seems like, through my eyes or hers. I doubt she appreciated this rusty lump of metal for what it actually is. She can see but she can't read (I think). I thought about it for a while as my dog ambled happily around enjoying the grass.

You see a billboard announcing Mile Zero blah blah blah. I see my picnic spot denuded of benches and tables. It's a weird dance where the city gets too many complaints about the homeless napping and then they take out the park benches for a while and quietly replace them some time later when everyone has forgotten.

I carry a folding chair in the trunk for such occasions and for my motorcycle I have the compact and expensive Kermit chair. I try not to let public incivilities get me down, at least the ones I can do something about.

The county building offers a pleasant shaded space for someone with a coffee or an ice cream from the deli across the street. Cheyenne likes grass and there's lots of that here.

Had I needed a spare Hard Rock t-shirt the steps of the county building would have provided. As it was I could only wonder what happened here the night before.

After my wife pointed it out to me last week I also noticed that Mario Sanchez depicted no wild chickens in his portraits of the streets of Key West. That liberation is no longer true.

T-shirts misplaced I can understand in at own where alcohol flows like glacier run off and the temperatures are high and inducing sweating. But abandoning one's glasses? Like this? What

They say real estate prices are rising in Key West and I wonder what such increases are based upon as world wide unemployment sky rockets and all our bosses wonder how soon and in what manner China will implode. As though we in the Keys are immune to the vicissitudes of the world outside.

The monumental reconstruction of Bonnie Albury's house seems to be complete. I am reminded of the old adage of how best to get a small fortune, the answer being that one should start out with a large one. Never mind keeping it air conditioned.

However some among us are more worried about hydration. Water, they tell us will be the new gold on a plent of limited resources and unlimited human reproduction. How will we cope when we have to walk a city block without the ubiquitous bottle of potable water to hand? Cheyenne and I are practicing this sort of self denial early. We drink when we are thirsty.
As they should poinciana trees are blooming.

And car parking remains fraught with complexity for some people, even people who drive small cars. It can't be easy to spot those silly white lines when you're blotto.

This magnificent on sidewalk parking job cheered me and the dude on the bicycle asked what was up, "That's my car!" the visitor from North Carolina said. I love bad parking jobs I said but he replied, "My landlord said it was okay to park like this because I'm only blocking my own gate." Doesn't bother me I said, it just looks funny. I explained how neighbors complain all the time about parking. That and noise are the issues that make neighbors crazy. We get calls at two in the morning about parking issues and I wonder at how some people are even more obsessive than I.

Three wheeled scooters are getting quite popular. I suppose ease of parking has something to do with it. I just can't get over how funky they look. My wife says they are for tourists who are scared to ride on two wheels. I though that was what four wheeled electric cars were for.

Maintenance. Keep painting the bridge, end to end, as it were.

A study in white.

They call then Bahama shutters:

As uncomfortable and small and cramped as they may be factory worker houses are chic today. I wonder if in China one day they will label their factory worker apartments like this:

Changes are coming to Key West, new buildings, new owners, new uses but the fundamentals stay the same, heat, salt air, sunlight and shadows.

And here is another visitor to Key West. Oprygirl sent me this picture of her escape to Southwest Florida. All the sun and heat and none of the aggravation. Cheers!