Monday, November 19, 2018

The Good

Yesterday was a very good day. My wife and caregiver is off work this Thanksgiving week so she celebrated by snoring until very late. First she took Rusty for his customary morning run and a good day was presaged by the fact he passed out as soon as they got back. I read in bed with tea provided by the caregiver and we didn’t get up till noon. It kept getting better even for the cripple. 

On Saturday we took Rusty to the vet to have his ear checked and he got a prescription for yeast so he was feeling better by Sunday with no head shaking. After I had a shower which is a major event as I have to lift my leg into the tub and settle on a special shower stool my caregiver dressed the one persistent surgical incision that won’t completely close (and prevents me doing water aerobics). All that done we went downstairs and I took a circuit of the pool which, after one walk round usually I feel exhausted. Yesterday I could easily have gone round twice. Hmm I thought, there’s an improvement. 

With the caregiver caught up on her sleep we implemented Saturday evening’s plan and went for fish at Alonzo’s on the boardwalk. I will be honest and I was a bit intimidated being out in public but I kept repeating Webb’s mantra “You don’t mind and they don’t matter” and off we wheeled. I could have walked from the car but the problem then is can I sit in their chairs? The sitting is easy enough but if the chair doesn’t have arm rests and if it is flimsy will it tip me to the ground as I get up? If in doubt I take my chair rather than the walker. 

The chair magically sweeps away all obstacles and we took an outside table. Just as well as I noticed the doorways to the inside restaurant have substantial steps. It was a perfect evening. Indeed Rusty was snoozing in the car with the windows cracked it was so cool. 
I had my favorite fish fingers which Layne loathes for some reason. But I don’t see going out for fish and only eating shellfish. 

After dinner we went to Truman Waterfront and found ourselves alone in a vast expanse of perfectly manicured lawn and cement paths. It was lovely and much nicer and more laid back than original (Spottswood family) plans suggested. 

All family members requiring exercise got it. And I found a convenient place to sit and rest at one of the exercise stations.

We made ourselves a promise to have sunset drinks on the ship one weekend...must follow through! 

A very good day at home.