Monday, June 22, 2009

Seaside Stepford

I am not fond of gated communities. I cannot stand the idea of being told what to do by a block committee. I find the notion of hiding out behind locked gates rather caddish, as though the rest of the world is simply too awful to commune with. But another gated community has sprawled it's way onto the eastern end of key West: It is a whole bunch of developments imaginatively called:
And happily decay and decadence is already penetrating the manicured perfection of the place:They drove out Houseboat Row so this place could get built and overlook Cow Key Channel without being bothered by little people living on boats.In that, they were only partly successful:The complex has bunches of high rise buildings grouped around a central traffic circle (roundabout):There's the Grand Key Hotel equipped they say with a nice pool and bar open to locals at no hassle:Las Salinas consists of more-or-less affordable apartments: And the newer Seaside Court apartments lining the entrance off South Roosevelt Boulevard:These are not designated affordable, not in the least. They were charging something like 1.4 million dollars when land speculation was at it's height a few years ago and these units are not terribly spacious. Imagine paying that much for an apartment you use but a few weeks of the year...But they are within spitting distance of saltwater:I had planned to do a little exploring especially as I like to know the lay of the land when I'm at work sending officers out to these places in the middle of the night. But peeking through the gates gave me the idea that short of a few Stepford Wives there wouldn't be much to see:I should have liked to have seen whatever it was that caused these spectacular skid marks...I was quite cheered up to see an actual person walking an actual dog in this place: If anyone has a notion to buy into this community there is a real estate office ready to serve on the premises:There is also a deli in the little business complex next to the traffic circle:In looking at the building and then the sign advertising it's presence I find it to be a perfect irony that the symbol they use, a houseboat, had to be destroyed to make way for this clump of buildings:Houseboat Row is gone: long live the memory of houseboat row!Fifteen miles per hour was too slow to escape this manicured place.