Sunday, March 7, 2021

Birds On Sticks And In Flight

Sunday needs not many words. 
I gathered a few recent pictures of birds.
Four birds, the fourth is camouflaged:

Florida Keys
My camera is not ideal for BIF -birds in flight - and were I to want to be a wildlife photographer I should get a proper set up. I take these pictures merely to serve my pleasure in seeing Nature at work.
The emptiness of the mangroves which I love is heightened by the occasional bird at rest.
Not all birds are completely benign, ospreys lurk... resting between fishing trips. 
And turkey vultures take wide sweeping circles looking for dead meat.
White phase herons have light legs, egrets have dark legs. You decide.
Pelicans, slow and measured in flight like big amphibious airplanes of old.
This one below is a frigate barely visible, carefree above the line worker.
I think these are palm warblers if I got my identification correct, gathered like a choir ready to warble at Old Bahia Honda.