Friday, September 14, 2018

Off To Rehab

Today is the day I supposedly am sent forth by Cigna Insurance to a rehab facility of their choice for several months struggle with Physical Therapy. 

Every step on this arduous journey involves a voyage into the unknown for me who has never been in the hospital before. Sean my six foot eight inch Physical Therapist has explained the process and it is a fearsome mountain to climb to regain use of my lower body. Without him I’d not have taken the first steps. 

In hospital one lives a different life cut off from concerns about hurricanes and political scandals and economic indicators and pop stars fighting. Did he have a bowel movement? That’s a big one. Taking a shit indicates all is well with the world, never mind 160 mph winds in the Philippines. 

While the administrators decide where to send me I prepare to leave Jackson South for places unknown. And regimens unknown and all I can think is how soon will I be shitting on a toilet not in the sheets? It’s a much bigger deal than you realize.