Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sugarloaf Stroll

Six of us were out on Sugarloaf Loop under a bright winter sky.Wayne and Chuck, Zuzu and Tootie, Cheyenne and myself. Humans, Vizlas and a Labrador. Zuzu or Tootie (I still can't tell them apart).Chuck.
Tootie (or Zuzu).
Wayne.On the bridge on the Loop which is supposed to be closed to motor vehicles.
These two were visiting from England full of news from "home" while they were out walking from their winter home on Cudjoe Key. I find expatriates a little tiresome as I consider my home to be here, on Ramrod Key, not where I went to school in England. However they do rescue ill treated dogs so they get full marks for that.Chuck is like my wife, all sociable and friendly and able to chat with anyone. Wayne and I are much more alike in that small talk bores us.
Our goal was to talk to the sea on a trail that was new to me off the main Loop.We walked past an old quarry filled with water (and a Labrador).
Suddenly Wayne and Chuck dived into the bushes at the southwest corner of the quarry.And suddenly we popped out onto some oceanfront property, complete with rusted engine block, possibly an old boat mooring...It was a lovely spot and we were lucky to hit it at low tide as we had room to roam. Chuck pointed out this extraordinary osprey nest.The views down the coast were magnificent, as always.A good time was had by all.American Shoal light on the reef in the distance.
Cheyenne is quite fond of Wayne her godfather. She gets chicken and rice when she stays with Wayne and Chuck and I like to think that's the reason she gets so excited when we go round to visit.
We strolled back to the car and out of nowhere came this daredevil on a motorcycle.He reminded me of me 40 years ago. Only I had no gear, no helmet just a bike. Oh happy, innocent days.