Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Waiting For Daybreak

I learned last week that Cuban Coffee Queen has opened a third location. In addition to this very picturesque original location they have a coffee shop at Key Lime Square where Lobos sandwich shop used to be. Now it seems the empire expands with a coffee outlet at Clinton Square Mall next to the Custom House.
I prefer walking past this one as I frequently park in the city lot nearby. Because Key West ius small and there is no room the recycling center is right there too, wedged between Cuban Coffee Queen and Waterfront Brewery.  I find it oddly reassuring that these sorts of basic life functions are still operating in the heart of tourist Key West.
All happening under close pigeon observation.Maybe I am paying them more attention but I get the feeling there are more pigeons in Key West this year. 
My brain if probably fried by all these virus precautions and weather alarums and organizing my life around constant states of change (...where is my mask? for instance always that problem) because I saw this street sign and the mural in back put me in mind of motorcycles (big fish) hunting down the little fish (scooters). You probably had to be there.
Somehow I was quick enough to spot and focus on an aeroplane passing overhead with some foreground.  I post it here for no reason other than to show it can be done. Or rather to make the point even I can get it done.  
Lattice artwork at the entrance to the Waterfront Brewery. There was an odd story reported in the papers recently in which a state official suggested gently that bars, currently closed by state edict, roll up hot dog stands to make them eating establishments so they could re-open. I keep thinking the coronavirus can't make things any weirder and then up it goes, the scale gets tipped again by some brazen act of public weirdness. It seems that if bars can make a brave pretence at being restaurants they can re-open and help spread the virus some more. You could possibly get the idea we are going to be stuck with masks and Covid 19 and people dying for quite a while longer...
The message in town is pretty clear. Makss indoors and out when you aren't at home. 
And as a relief from the human made madness a picture of a pretty boat floating on calm water. This is what it should all be about.