Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Key West Bight

I know I posted an essay from this very spot not long ago but bear with me. I had visitors who came to town on scooters just to see me. I finished work at six in the morning and I suggested they wake me from my nap in the car when they were ready for breakfast. I took them to Cuban Coffee Queen  where we got sandwiches and Con Leche. Gregg had never had Cuban coffee and he loved it. 

You’ve got to admit mine was a brilliant plan. Ordering at this coffee shop is complicated because they have names for each sandwich and all we wanted was half a breakfast sandwich for Bill (closest to the camera above) and myself and a whole sandwich for Gregg with a coffee each. It took a while to sort out a “Sunrise” and two “Key Westers” Or was it the other way round?

We got there before the line developed so my plan for an early morning, crowd- free scooter tour of Key West was working, so far. 

There’s nowhere to sit comfortably at the coffee shop so I took my companions to my favorite bench tucked away near the harbormaster’s office which gives a nice view of the entrance to the Key West Bight. 

We ate, we drank, we talked, we watched the sun come up and the boats come and go. Great, simple fun. 

I like to think this was a smart introduction to Key West. 

Too bad you couldn’t be there! I hope you like the pictures which is all I’ve got for you!  

There will be lots of coffee and sandwiches in the Cuban mold when you get here and now you know my favorite spot for an impromptu picnic! Enjoy!