Monday, October 19, 2015

Stock Island Sense

It was one of those mornings when Cheyenne greeted me on the deck ready to go. We went and ended up on Stock Island where she made a new acquaintance. A rather self possessed small dog came trotting up to say hello and didn't get much back from my great silent Labrador... 
 No Parking in large white letters the plywood said. The requirement seemed rather urgent but I wasn't sure why.
 There was not a huge amount of activity that early. My Labrador and I were alone.
The shades of blue of the American Dream. An elderly truck, a trailer and Old Glory, under a clear blue sky.
 I wodmered if perhaps the drawers might fly open springing surprise children on the street:
 There seemed to be an air of anticipation, as though waiting for the restaurant.
 The symmetry of coconut palms:
 The lot look so sterile and empty I figured no one lived here anymore.
 This machine was parked on the street as though awaiting an enthusiastic buyer:
Two women enjoying a pause in the morning said hello to Cheyenne. She thought them fascinating to an embarrassing degree. 
 Old Glory again, this time not on a trailer but at the Fortress Temple, lying above the fortifications.
 The future and the past on the street together:
 "Please don't spend your time pointlessly in this place." Nice and blunt.
 I thought this car belonged more properly as a tourist attraction in Havana:
Cayo del Mar means Island of the Sea. As close as this lot will come to the sea is the boat parked in front of the apartment complex.
Stock Island, the other Key West.