Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mangrove Walk

There is I confess a sense of emptiness this time of year in the back country. In winter the mangroves are covered by winter visitors, snowbirds of the literal kind migrating to spend a warm few months in the Keys. This time of year I depend on clouds and puddles, bodies of waters filled with reflections to keep my interest alive. 
I have learned to walk these trails and spot patches of light and color in what looks fairly drab from a  distance.
I made my shadow fall on the leaves in front of me for an effect:

And then I caught a horsefly in a  compromising position and he had to pay. Horseflies make mosquitoes look benign by comparison to the bite of a horsefly.   They bite hard but they aren't as agile.
Walking and swatting my way back to the car:

Sunset on the way home: