Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer Dawn

Cheyenne is getting bored with her morning walks. She waits for me impatiently at the top of the stairs and we take off in the car to find some place interesting to my increasingly picky dog. 
Early in our relationship Cheyenne used to enjoy walking the trails at the Key Deer Refuge in Big Pine Key but no longer. I like the trails which were somewhat wrecked a few years ago by a controlled blaze that turned into a hundred acre uncontrolled forest fire. The vegetation is growing back as it does and the refuge services are rebuilding the facilities. which are now more elaborate than ever. They even have a garden to attract bees, known nowadays as "pollinators" apparently.
 I love the early morning light in the pine woods of Big Pine Key. The island got  part of its name for the trees and the other part because it is the second largest  Key (after Key Largo). Granted the trees are  spindly compared to what grows in richer soil but a pine of any size is my favorite tree.

The trails are all spiffed up now with fresh gravel and rocky borders, in this case the trail designated accessible for wheel chair use -LINK .
 Cheyenne  was enjoying a rest after a quick sniff round, rubbing her itchy chin in the gravel.
The parking lot now has borders and flower beds, but the sky remains the same untamed shade of early morning blue.
I feel like time is passing and it makes me sad Cheyenne no longer has the energy or interest to wander the trail with me.