Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beer At Seven In The Morning

Check out those three Honda Ruckus scooters, symmetrically parked. Makes you think scooter spaces could be a tad wider.

Parking continues to be an issue in the city but plans to make changes always get shot down. So reside trial spots are still reserved for people with Monroe labelled Florida tags or city issued stickers. The new labeling is pretty loud and you'd be hard pressed to muddle these spots with non residential parking.

I always walk with plastic bags in my pocket but dog waste comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes...

People seem to like Cheyenne more than me. Maybe I should dress her in pink Crocs too.

A Key West staple, but not drinking and riding hopefully:

Resupply underway at Don's Place where beer is for sale at seven am, for those in need.

Lovely Key West, Truman Avenue, haunt of a few visitors...

B-b-b-ut I need my porn early in the am...

More dog waste, or wasted dog:

Must have been a good walk. Can you tell the real thing from the statue:

No beer, no porn, no convenience store. Seven in the morning is a bad time to be walking Key West.

"Exclusive cottages." Exclusive? Humphf.

"No Parking" unless you live here, know the owner, or know what the real deal is. Otherwise don't risk it.

And don't get shirty with the 911 operator when they do tow your car for you. It's not our fault!