Saturday, December 25, 2010

BPK Fire Walk

The process of renewing acquaintance continues with outdoor walks ignored during the long months of hot and humid summer. This walk just off Key Deer Boulevard on Big Pine Key shows signs of summer wear and tear.The pines of Big Pine (so named for the size of the island, not the girth of the pine trees that grow on it) can't seem to catch a break. First many got decimated by disease and now others apparently got scorched.In the long run fire encourages fresh growth but the immediate effects are devastating. There are patches of healthy trees helping to regenerate pine forests.In the midst of plenty of brown and black trees. We followed the trail for a while on what turned out to be a pleasant sunny afternoon. My secret meadow tucked away among the pines.In the distance Key Deer Boulevard. It was a beautiful day so I played with the camera for a while, an excuse to hang out and enjoy the sun with my dog.
Soon we came across the active activity of the outside world. Key Deer Boulevard was swarming with people. The road is four and a half miles long (7 kms) from Highway One to Port Pine Heights at the northern shore of Big Pine Key. It looks to me like a brutal bike ride under the sun but in winter snowbirds are out on it all the time. In summer you can shoot a cannon down here in the middle of the day and not hit anyone. Away from the bustle of the road life goes on in the marshes.
Amidst the scrubby mangroves and grasses the waving palms of a coconut tree mark the presence of non native growth. And next to the non native tree a non native structure -a house.
One pooped pup.
A tiring and thus successful walk marked by a big yawn.
Before we got back into the car Cheyenne wanted to sit in the shade alongside the street to enjoy watching the world go by.It's easy to indulge a good dog.