Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keys Pix XV

From time to time I end up on the wrong end of a camera. I prefer less of myself in my blog, my words should be sufficient. Chuck seemed to disagree.

Barred windows remind me of Puerto Rico, a US territory that seems to have a much higher crime rate than little Key West.

New fangled hurricane shutters that may come in useful if the Category One Hurricane Rina, currently near the Yucatan, comes our way.

Old fangled shutters and lovely Florida louvered windows.

And even more old fangled Bahamian shutters. I am told they are as aggravating to listen to creaking as they are pretty.

I quite liked the look of this black Harley Davidson which I think is a Dyna Glide and thus quite expensive.

Giant foot boards don't help cornering...

...but the huge black headlight appealed to me.

I have seen quite a few of these little birds fluttering around and so busy are they I have great difficulty framing them. If they are the same as the birds I have seen in the Bahamas they would be bananaquits which is the sound they supposedly make, in addition to their banana yellow chests.

I am full of shit when it comes to naming things so I probably got that completely wrong. This next is an oddball scooter from Genuine in Chicago.

It's a sporting 110cc Rattler which I believe they no longer sell in the US. It is big enough it requires a motorcycle license to ride but it is not much cheaper than a larger 125 or 150 which requires the same license...

It is pretty though.

Guess who this cat had spotted? Cheyenne ignored it completely as usual.

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Knowles Lane

It's off United Street this one lane alley.

It doesn't amount to much this urban backwater but I quite like it.

The houses are as they should be.

Thou there are quite a few people that own and don't live here.

More fools they, summers are splendid. So is this car which I couldn't identify to save my life.

Knowles Lane is quite pretty.

And it even shows off typical Key West embellishments.

That's it.

That's all there is of the little lane.

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Sunny Chores

My motorcycle survived it's dunking during the rain and runs as well as ever.

That's nice because the Bonneville needed no attention this weekend, which I had off work. Wayne and Chuck came by to urge me to do my work, and they came at my request.

I had ignored the recalcitrant outboard for too long and even with new speak plugs it declined to fire. With a mile long ride to the launch ramp I was looking hard at my paddles. Chuck thought things looked pretty funny.

Pull harder, Wayne! We wore each other out exhorting ourselves to start the damned thing.

Wayne retreated to install my wife's much anticipated curtains in the living room.

Our living room was a nice shady retreat from the sunlight outside. Chuck dragged me to ACE and we picked up some essential supplies including ether a spray I really hate. It covers up the sins of the non starting engine and thus it seems dangerous to me. In fact the Yamaha started second pull. And off we went.

The curtains went up and looked great, the Dusky came out of the water with the greatest of ease thanks to the boys,

And I had cold beer in the fridge. A perfect Sunday thanks to the boys and my ever patient wife. And my dog. And my motorcycle.

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Riding Around

It's small stuff but every day Cheyenne makes me grin. I'm a lucky man in a world of widespread economic misfortune, and Cheyenne is icing on the cake of our backwater happiness.

There's this old car abandoned along the trail in classic Keys trash dumping and yesterday Cheyenne took an interest in it. I think she was more inclined to the back seat than the front.

There were a few mosquitoes along the trail, quite a few actually, but I killed more of them than they killed of me. Plus I don't get welts which is nice. Ironically enough the Mosquito Control truck came by when we got back on the street, where they do apparently have the pests under control.

It was an odd day, gray and overcast as though more rain were on the way. Which thank God it wasn't.

It's still quite wet enough on the ground, thank you.

This house intrigues me. How they got the wall covered in this ivy stuff I can't imagine but it's turned a blank wall into something... I don't know...different?

Mystery flowers were fading but hanging in.

And Cheyenne was ready for a nap next to a car she recognized.

Her place is on the back seat.

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Seminary Street

Turn west off White Street and immerse yourself in a wooded lane.

Here you get nice homes, trees and most precious of all, off street parking.

If you doubt the value of off street parking buy a house in Old Town without it.

Make sure you don't call me to bitch about your parking woes. My dog was being her usual perfect self and a small person up the street was doing a good job of being seen but not heard.

We started shuffling very slowly in case we tripped over zombie children.

This lot surprised me, they were friendly and cheerful despite my leashed wild animal. I thought Mom must be raising the rug rats right. ¡Que lindos!

A picturesque Key West home. It still comes with off street parking.

I really enjoy documenting the architecture in this town.

This roof blew me away. The house was refurbished, the roof was original and lovely.

You never know what two houses will be next to each other in this town.

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