Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cudjoe Blimp

I find myself taking too much advantage of Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key.It's only two miles long in a dead straight line dead due north from Highway One. That intersection is pretty much the point at dead center of Hurricane Irma, the Category Four hurricane that landed here in October 2017 and for the most part the vegetation, though trimmed is coming back green. I say I take advantage of Blimp Road because it is a straight line and cameras love the perspective afforded by such geometric precision. Plus you get the wavy asphalt effect though when you drive it, the roadway feels more like a billiard table than it appears to be here. 
How do they do that? I walked around looking at the burn out marks and someone laid down a a very thick layer of rubber to achieve that effect. It looked quite spectacular to me.  You can imagine the boredom factor kicking in for youngsters in the Lower Keys. On the one hand boating and fishing are easily available but the modern youth's normally outlet in malls and fast cars are severely limited and being young they tend to notice what they lack, not the advantages they have. Hence the rubber:
Rusty went on patrol. He and I haven't been here together since the accident but Layne has brought him here several times. He has to check up what's been going on. 
There is a dog out there somewhere if you look carefully. I walked the walker thirty feet into the scrub on a pitiful excuse for a trail but it was far enough to get Rusty going and off he went. He always wants me to go at least some of the distance with him:
He had fun. When we got home later he took the time to lick my face copiously, his way of thanking me for a good time. He does it from time to time and I find it touching. He is a remarkable dog.
Of  course I came across some flowers whose identity is a total mystery to me. Which didn't stop me from photographing them.
While I walked Rusty down Blimp Road, which is an exaggeration as he ran ahead and I basically stood with my walker and watched, I took the time to check out the blimp that gives the road it's name. Someone asked if the blimp was still flying so instead of guessing I checked it out. There it is:
On the ground thanks to predictions of strong winds, it was looking like a gloomy day.
We got in the car and went home.