Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yardie Spice Revisited


It's a bit disturbing I confess. We are creatures of habit so when we plan a ride home from Miami we stop in Homestead at Krome and Flagler and pay JP a visit. Every time we stop by and don't explore choices. It's that good. Or perhaps it's just different, Caribbean food, this time offered with of all things, polenta...
He always has a good word for his customers ( and spicy hot sauce as needed) while his better half in back churns out Jamaican and Haitian cuisine respecting his and her heritages.
The food includes empanadas which we like to eat seated at the bar in the window looking out on Krome Avenue. Made with thick pastry-like crusts, deep fried and filled with meat or vegetables. Or small Jed herring-what I knew as kippers growing up in England. The English eat them as breakfast food with eggs but we got our herring in pastry as the weirdest smoked fish empanada that worked remarkably well.
Yardie Spice is a hopping joint. Curried goat, oxtail, jerked pork, all Caribbean Classic dishes. Accompanied by rice and peas and fried plantains. And a pile of polenta as well.
Eating at home is good but you do kind of miss out on the Jamaican vibe at Yardie Spice, watching JP charm his customers while feeding their bodies. Many giggles.
Another successful punctuation to a mainland trip. Rusty, by the way was perfect, in and out of the car.