Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rusty Goes North

Spring Break means a week off for my teacher wife. With some slight adjustments to my schedule I too had much of a week off so that meant - road trip! Alligator Alley at dusk:

We stopped at the Miccosukee Service area for their clean bathrooms and a romp for a small brown dog who has slept in perfect order on the back seat of the car. The bench I created was barely enough for Cheyenne but three Rustys would fit.

Rusty loves running in the wilderness and I like walking him there. He ran and romped, at home in the field. It was a joy to watch him.

Then he came back to the car to wait for his elderly plodding guardians.

He has learned to stand by the trunk if he is thirsty. That's where his (Cheyenne's) waterbowl lives.

He seems to enjoy traveling. And sleeping on our bed with us.

More wilderness. More happy Rusty.

He is a different dog and he is learning fast. He travels well and now he is no longer afraid of elevators. Other dogs worry him, doors are a puzzle but elevators are now his domain. Good boy. And no, he doesn't seem to feel the heat and therefore he doesn't sit in puddles. Double good dog.