Saturday, April 15, 2017

R And R

I am finding my life is circumscribed by work, exercise and sleep. I am rather surprised to find it so. 
I find my morning walks the most calming and meditative part of my day. Rusty is my companion but he runs back and forth as I walk and because he's a dog he leaves me room to think or not as I wish. I talk to him but unless I'm asking him to reassure me by putting in an appearance he pretty much ignores me.
Then he pops out of the bushes in front or behind me, tail flying like a banner behind him and he trots off with all the confidence of a well loved and much trusted dog.
I wonder how those dogs walked on a  leash on the same paths day after day don't go out of their mind in boredom. Some do of course barking and pacing all day. On days when I'm not working I take him out in the afternoon as well when the sun is setting and we do it all again. 
 He spends the middle of the day, after he has spent some considerable time running...
...snoozing on the brick driveway or secure under one of our cars watching the world go by:

Our neighbors marveled at the dog, not fenced but free to go where he pleases who stays tucked up at home, drifting in and out through his dog door, wandering downstairs for a bit, napping on the chaise longue on the deck, taking in a little sunbathing perhaps or snoozing on the bed

 And then I go to work.