Friday, September 15, 2017

Irma In Big Pine

The center of the storm went over the Keys somewhere between Cudjoe Key and Big Pine. 

Home to many trailers. 

The National Guard brought supplies:

Winn Dixie offered air conditioning serenity and wi fi.

More Pictures of Irma

I have hundreds of pictures but battle fatigue does set in at some point. You keep seeing wreckage and it burns out your eyeballs. So I'll post as many pictures as the temporary cell phone service offers. As of today there is some electrical service in spots around Key West and some emergency medicine available at the ER but there is no running water or Internet service.  The highway is closed at Mile Marker 74 in Islamorada, consequently there is very little civiliantraffic on the roads or in the streets. There is a dawn to dusk curfew in the city of Key West. 

Irma Pictures

A few pictures as permitted by our very limited bandwidth.