Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flying Key West

Standing across the salt ponds from the airport on a  cloudy undefined afternoon I caught this scene of the old hawk missile tower between my vantage point and the airport in the distance.
They are flying in and out of the airport which had been a staging area for relief supplies during the hurricane emergency. I saw a mobile tower installed off Government Road so it seems the airport didn't escape unscathed.
 From across the way it all looks normal enough, the palms bending to the fresh east wind...
I came close to understanding why some people like to go to airports to watch planes come and go. You can follow them up into the sky and over the horizon and wonder where they are going and why and  who is on board and so forth. 
 It feels a bit nerdy to think of myself as a plane watcher and in reality I'm not. Mostly I don't like flying with all the security checks and invasive searches and uncomfortable cabins with bad air...
 And on the ground I can't stand the noise they make.
 I wandered about and took some pictures while Rusty hunted for God knows what in the bushes. 
I'm glad flying is returning to normal.