Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yay Obamacare!

I grew up with single payer healthcare and for all it's short comings I prefer the individual freedom from fear that single payer offers. That single payer is the most cost effective system to deliver health care to the people is just the cherry. But the health care patch work system the President has been pushing is at least something. 30 million Americans gain access to insurance, insurance companies get a pool of healthy people to cover to spread costs, the capitalist way, and people like my wife with pre-existing conditions don't have to live in fear of refusal.

For the reactionary fuckwits who call it Obamacare derisively and take a "principled" stand against mandatory insurance, like auto insurance for instance, I say please do opt out and take your bankruptcy on the chin when you need medical help. I'm opting in.

I've been pretty down on the hope and change offered by President Obama, but this is one small victory for we the 99 percent. How odd it feels.

Mile Zero

I saw a gaggle of scooter renters gathered behind the famous mile marker.

In my grumpier moods I loathe how people treat the streets of Key West as a playground, where riding a scooter is a Disney ride, but really who can blame them? It's their vacation.

They do love the sign don't they? Everyone wants a picture of mile zero in their vacation folder.

Oh and as part of the whole experience here comes the horse.

Actually I saw the mounted patrol pull over a group of tourists in an electric car driving badly, Disney style on the streets of our fair city. Reality bites sometimes, even in Paradise.

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