Wednesday, October 4, 2017

West Summerland Key - Before And After

This used to be the sort-of paved road down to the lower "parking lot" where I would leave the car under the remains of the tree in the middle of the picture.
In the good old days people used to camp there, not exactly legally but usually left in peace. It was so lush and green even in winter after the rainy season.
Now the whole place has been scraped and burnt brown by 140mpg winds.
 The coconut palm, background to many a picture got blown away.
All that is left is sand and debris and gnarled trees.
I used to emnjoy sitting in the shade of a gumbo limbo down there:
I loved this place as it gave me  a high view over the water. The waterfront edge has crumbled on line right in front of the old pump station.
IN the old days it looked like this, aiming back at where I parked my car:
Rusty was happy; the iguanas which did survive as it turns out have less cover than formerly though he still couldn't catch one.
 Cheyenne used to like plodding around here too:
The carefully constructed little park has collapsed and is closed to pedestrians now. Not surprising really:
 It was finished like this a year or two ago and though formal was quite pleasant:
The approach to the old bridge was a winding path through foliage now burnt off and blown away:
 I have a feeling someone will come along with fencing and close the whole area off and I shall be doubly sad.
The steps collapsed under the weight of the wind and doubtless pounding surf:
 Nothing lush lleft:
The old pump house built to push water through the pipe built in 1942 to supply the military base in Key West on a war time footing:
 As was with the old pipe exposed:
This has partly collapsed and no doubt will be deemed to dangerous:
Cheyenne inspecting what had become a public toilet:
 This little spit of land south of Bahia Honda State Park today is pitiable:
Three weeks ago looked like this:
 Rusty paid no attention to my lamentation. He is not a sentimental dog apparently:
 Cheyenne resting in the shade of vanished bushes:
HGis happiness to be on a  walk at home cheered me up:
How long will it be till we see this again?