Saturday, July 8, 2017

Away For A While

It has been three years since I last went to Europe and a family visit is in order.
 The plan is to board a plane to Istanbul this evening and wake up over the Mediterranean before landing in Turkey in time for dinner.
 Two days later we arrive in Rome and spend some time with my family and friends.
 At the beginning of August we will undertake the same trek in reverse. I trust the memories will be good; they usually are.
 I will be leaving behind people and places of value. The blog I will take with me along with my Instagram account as AT&T has a rather generous simple plan for world wide telephone use. Ten dollars a day for the same no limit use as I enjoy at home. 
Photos of places other than the Keys will appear as I process them. 
Rusty unfortunately will have no idea I will be back to embrace him August 2nd. He will be in reliable hands until then and I shall miss him horribly.
My little man. The sacrifice of being away from him better be worth it.