Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Midway Cafe

It is a fact that when I travel the Overseas Highway I am usually figuring out how to arrive, not what to see along the way. So, one plan during the recent vacation was to check stuff out and see what we could find. One place caught my wife's eye and we actually stopped instead of just filing it away for the future. Thumbing through her smart phone it must have got good reviews because we stopped for coffee and a breakfast sandwich on one of our drives out of the Keys.
The exterior is all bright colors and so is the interior, cluttered with dust catchers for sale, all nooks and crannies. It was busy in there too, lots of customers and young members of staff rushing around, adding to the lack of space inside.
The coffee came out and it was hot and sweet and tasted like the sort of drink coffee should taste like, not like battery acid. I stood to one side, shuffling around reading my Kindle and acting like I was trapped in a commuter melee on the mainland. Then our croissant sandwiches appeared and we were free to go.  
So my next photo is a bit weird but it made me laugh so hopefully it will do the same for you. I was trying to photograph the building and my sandwich got in the way. It was a good sandwich, even when not that close up. My wife took  a look at the breakfast and lunch menu and they offer jasmine rice for breakfast, so my desire to taste something different whenever possible means we will definitely be back. 
The other cool thing about the Midway Cafe at Mile Marker 80.5 is that you can take the back road paralleling the main road-  one of three islands where this sleight of hand is possible. It isn't faster but, in summer especially it is frequently empty and makes a for a slightly more serene drive. 
 Jasmine rice for breakfast. Irresistible. Now I just have to slow down enough to be ready to take more than five hours to reach Ft Myers. That's the tough part.