Friday, November 29, 2019

Rusty Downtown

Young Rusty is doing very well these days. He had an attack of tonsillitis earlier this month and a quick visit to the vet got him some pills and eye cream to clean up a related eye infection. He was pretty sorry for himself for a while there, sleeping and not eating but after a day of treatment he was back to his usual self. 
I saw a face in this door at the Shipwreck Historium (below). Perhaps you can see it  too?
This sign still cracks me up. I have posted it previously. If your bicycle smokes don't bother bringing it around here.
An abstract picture I saw around the entrance to Mallory Square. Lovely sidewalk decorations not yet desecrated by scratching chickens.

Rusty on guard at the entrance to the Mel Fisher museum. That or Rusty resting and watching the world go by from the top of the steps.