Friday, April 18, 2014

Mike Ruppert

A lone slash pine burned in the uncontrolled Bif Pine burn a couple of years ago. A charred survivor.
My blog the last couple of days has contained enough words pictures ideas and feelings to last the rest of the month. Today I am taking time off from thinking and feeling. Cheyenne will be the beneficiary no doubt.
I wouldn't mention it except the last time I forgot to post a daily essay I received word that my death was feared. I am quite alive thank you for wondering. However Mike Ruppert isn't. If you want to think today, think of this troubled man who taught me a new way to view the daily irritations of modern life even as he went off the rails. He went far off the rails of conventional thought and I stopped following his descent but I am glad he showed me a different way to see the world, so I can decide for myself when I read the "news."