Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simonton Center

Truman Avenue is a functional street as it leaves Duval Street and downtown tourist madness. There is the scooter rental of course for those needing a vacation ride:

But there is also the down to earth requirement that locals, and some visitors wash their clothes so we have a prosaic laundry:

I heard a commotion from across the street when a group of visitors were astonished to see a familiar store in the middle of Key West's weirdness; a CVS Pharmacy no less!

It is indeed open 24 hours and even offers pay phone service for the smartphone- impaired.

There is all the convenience of the CVS with a Subway sandwich shop and a Papa John pizza parlor next door. Dry cleaners are also located in this small shopping center, making this a useful stop.

The visitors were relieved to find something familiar for them to shop in, but I have to say I don't hang out here much

With it's messy parking lot, hangers-on and incessant traffic this spot is a little too reminiscent of busy mainland shopping centers. Writ small of course because this is still Key West.

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