Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Story Of A Table

That these wires are still down causes me and the neighbors on my street endless aggravation. People are on their roofs putting down tarps, ladders, nails power tools are all in use. An injury would lead to a lawsuit, its inevitable as these wires are preventing fire trucks and ambulances from getting on our street.
Somehow electricity has been restored but trash collection is impossible. I call it Mumbai Street to designate the hopeless wire confusion that reigns here. My neighbor put in the crosspieces to fit his huge pick up underneath but these wires which would carry TV from a cable company and phone/internet service from American Telephone and Telegraph are no ones responsibility and no one will fix this mess. 
 Mumbai Street in all it's decomposing glory with rain forecast for this my weekend off work:
So in approaching my rented home in grumpy mood I come across the picnic table which had been shoved into the middle of a heap of trash in the yard by 140 mph winds. It had looked like this in the shadow of the palm:
And now it looks like this, restored to its proper place and function, a sturdy bit of construction not diminished by a category four storm:
This is the man who built the table 20 years ago, my landlord's father Mike, a proud Cuban-American. I guess it took Hurricane Irma for me to find out the story behind the innocuous picnic table. They built it for the family to sit around when they came to the Keys to spend a family vacation here.
 The table is massive and  very heavy and built to last. It must have been built properly because it is completely unscathed. The wood is worn and its comfortable to sit at as the proportions are correct but also the worn surfaces feel good in the way only old wood feels. 
Mike is attached to this house as it has a lot of happy family memories which makes me feel even more aware of my good fortune renting here. I have always liked the house because it exudes what must be all those happy vacation memories. It is also well built and solid. No water got in and we were in the very center of the massive hurricane that covered all of Florida.
He's an old man but full of energy is el viejo.  I was glad to meet him even under these dire circumstances. Luckily we need touch up only but we are apparently looked after by a caring capable family.
The street? Thats a mess and not going to change for a good long while I guess and those wires will stay down until someone gets hurt no doubt and then there will be hell to pay.
Still I feel I am a lucky man.