Thursday, January 31, 2019

Seagrass Restaurant

A couple of days ago I was lunching at Goldman's Deli in New Town and then I found myself in short order having lunch with Nick at a new Thai restaurant in town. Nick has a fondness for all things Asian and he hadn't been here before so it seemed logical to try it out. The interior decor was fresh and airy with a surprise giant lion fish staring down from the wall:
We had checked the menu the previous evening at work thus there wasn't much humming and hawing over their massive menu.  I am no great fan of sushi or sashimi so we went directly to the Thai offerings and as this was an exploratory meal we included an appetizer, a serving of pork shumai and they were tender and delicious.
Nick said his baseline is Pad Thai so that was what he ordered over my objection that the dish is not adventurous enough.  That is not an objection I can make when my wife is around as she loves the dish and honestly I like it too. Pasta and peanuts? What's not to like? He thought it was as good as his favorite offering at Thai Island.
My main course was massaman curry with two heat stars out of five and it was quite spicy enough for this delicate palate. The dish consisting of potatoes onion and peanuts with the fried tofu in a huge portion was utterly delicious even though it was a monotone sort of beige color. I would order it again in a heartbeat.
Nick gave the place the big thumbs up as did I especially after we finished off the fried banana with honey. We had to check the dessert as this was an exploratory meal, and when I return with my wife I have no doubt whatsoever the pudding will not be included. 
It was soft and creamy inside, crispy outside, and perfectly delicious. I felt bad for tempting Nick into dessert country half against his will, but it had to be done as I couldn't possibly finish one more giant portion all by myself.
The restaurant was busy, overlooking the Winn Dixie Plaza, and it was pleasant to be tucked away where we could talk without being overheard and interrupted.
I know both of us will be back together or separately.