Monday, September 16, 2019

September Walk

It was a breezy day and naturally the palm fronds would cooperate as I stood hunched up trying to get the camera and motorcycle and palm in one spot all properly lined up. The good news is I can stand hunched these days something I wasn't sure would happen again as I lay in my hospital bed this time last year. I wanted to call it Tropical Harley and so I did. It's an older model Harley Davidson Road King I've seen parked around town, well used.
The black arrow pointing across the street straight at the opposite corner. This one took an age too with bicycles scooters and cars ruining the effect by having the temerity to actually drive down Southard Street!  
It was a hot day mitigated by a  strong east wind created by the latest tropical depression in the Caribbean. They come and go and sound frequently more fearsome than they are, and instead of wreaking wholesale destruction they drop rain after wind and move on. But the pre- strom front breeze is often delightful.
I saw a poinciana tree still blooming on Southard Street and it looked lovely. The twenty mile an hour speed limit looks idiotic but that's because I pay attention when I drive, but I suppose the theory is that those who text and drive or drive without seat belts will do less damage if they are trundling at wheelbarrow speeds.
Breezy  yes but still hot.
Sometimes people like to "reserve their spots" in front of their homes so they fill the space with garbage cans or scooters or anything that comes to hand. While a garbage can isn't legal; a scooter is, though it is still pretty cheesy. If you live in Key West parking in front of your house is a remote possibility. I'm glad to see electric scooters gaining acceptance though. 
Shadow art. Pretty slick huh?
Flower art. Not as slick but fun to stop and struggle to photograph. I have to use manual focus to get this close in, and manual focus in 100% humidity ends to produce sufficient concentration to fog up the viewfinder. I think I nailed this one though:
White picket fences: the all American town. Southard Street toward Duval:
Southard Street toward White Street. What a pretty town.