Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank Heavens For...

Of all the holidays Thanksgiving is my favorite I think. I like the Fourth of July as well but I find the emphasis on sports and barbecues to be rather tedious. The idea of being grateful for a good life appeals to me as I cherish being born into the First World. I've travelled through the Second and Third worlds and those journeys reinforce my gratitude.

I saw this representation of the Christian Savior on the back of a truck and I wonder what people think when they do this kind of stuff. It seems rather tawdry to me, an atheist, to see this sort of representation of the supreme mystery stuck on the back of a vehicle as though it were an ad for a radio station or a political slogan. I grew up at a time when the Catholic Church was going through the difficulties of adapting to modernization trends and all the rites of the old church were swept away. It felt to me like the curtain was drawn back on the Wizard of Oz. I might as well have seen Jesus riding around on a truck as listen to Mass recited in jargon-filled English. I'm grateful the Second Vatican Council released me from those ritualistic obligations and set me free to figure my own way ahead.

I am grateful I live in the Keys and despite some of the difficulties of day to day life. My wife had to wait three days before she could get a tire for her common-or-garden Sebring. I recommend not driving exotic brands for those who live here but since when was a Chrysler considered exotic? I dread hurricane damage on my home. The difficulties people had repairing their homes after Hurricane Wilma remains vivid in my mind and I'm glad we had a quiet summer. Pity the poor buggers unprepared for Sandy.

I'm grateful for the easy parts of living in the Keys, the small wardrobe required by the mild climate, no need for labels. I wondered for quite a while what these "Salt Life" stickers are all about until the Web came to my rescue. It's some sort of clothing fashion, outdoors for poseurs or some such. The sticker reflects the company's passion for the Ocean Lifestyle." And no, believe me when I say I wanted to know nothing more about the brand, their passions or their lifestyle. I'm grateful I don't give a fig about paying through the nose for a label.

I'm grateful motorcycles give me cheap and cheerful release from the tedium of driving. And I'm also grateful someone other than me feels the need to dress up their ride in sparkling chrome and bright colors. They leave me room to be factory boring. I'm grateful for my anonymity.

I'm grateful for the Web. I appreciate having a page all to myself to jot down my thoughts and take pictures of future memories. I checked the figures and more than 600,000 page views have been racked mere since May 2009. 24,000 a month on average according to the ticker counter provided by Blogger. Just last week I also passed the 2900th blog post on my website which as been in operation since June 2007. It seems like a lot. Even this cactus in Old Own was waving his arms with barely restrained joy.


I hope you lot have a suitable Thanksgiving and are grateful for whatever it is that works for you.