Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flagler At 11th

There is an odd open space along Flagler Avenue that seems to serve no purpose to man nor beast in the city, except perhaps the occasional illegal encampment.

As I recall Hurricane Wilma wrecked a chapel in this area in 2005 and plans to reconsecrate the spot have fallen through. The land is for sale.

The open space sits between 11th Street where the boat ramp gives access to the Riviera Canal, while on the west side Catholic Charities operates their soup kitchen.

In the middle we find a wasteland of mud, rubble and vegetation. It makes for good dog walking.

Cheyenne patrolled the perimeter and gradually penetrated the interior, nose to the ground, absorbed by the smells.

Through the trees we see the homes of the neighbors who undoubtedly will be happy to see this spot turned into something more formal than a mud pit.

Someone has been working to clean up some of the land:

I was quite attracted to the power of the chipper, an instrument of destruction that has never quite looked the same to me since I saw one used in the film Fargo.

You know what a shopping cart standing guard indicates...

...and sure enough behind the bushes we came across an abandoned camp. I know the cops are in the habit of patrolling this area so I wasn't at all surprised to find no one actually busy making a home in the shrubbery.

Potted plants make any camp a home:

Key West never ceases to amaze me.

A city where land is as valuable as anywhere yet someone owns this useless open space and here it sits, unused. All the better for Cheyenne.

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