Friday, October 16, 2015

Old Town Encounters

I am trying to recreate Asa Tift's old boat, well that's what they say the gently decomposing wreck  is, which  lies near the entrance to Mallory Square. My plan is to take one picture each time Cheyenne walks by and today's contribution is a fearsome axe lying on the deck. Nailed down of course, but still... one in the eye for modern safety regulations.
Duval at dawn, blessedly empty.
 Almost empty...
This kind lady came by to say hello and of course I made an arse of myself. I did actually remember talking with her previously but these unscripted encounters aren't my social strong point and I forgot to ask her name or her dog's. I did get her picture though. Maybe next time I will get it together. 
The owner of this home enjoying his porch freaked me out when he uttered  a polite good morning. I got the picture but I had to interact with a stranger and congratulate him on his decorations. I got the mumbled snetence out in more or less good order.
 Morning sunrise at the Curry Mansion on Caroline Street.
Another golden glow, not dappled, at Ocean Key Resort at the end of Duval.
I took a picture of the CVS at 12 Duval which will be replaced by the huge new building across the street at 101 Duval. I found it amusing they are hiring, but of course there will be jobs aplenty at the new store too. I need to get more pictures of this place before it vanishes. The interior is a bit odd with strange angles like a flat iron building. 
Cheyenne wrapped up the walk with a breakfast of very dry very hard pizza. She wan't put off. I like that she can't see a poster and imagine the sandwich to be real. She would be impossible to walk if these two dimensional images meant anything to her.