Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Toilet Training

I got a new wheelchair today which is the equivalent in here to getting a new car out there. Or a new pair of shoes if permabulation is the way you get around. A new wheelchair is a thing of wonder. It’s comfortable light and narrow so it fits everywhere, I can roll it and I can deal with the footrests relatively easily. I love it. 

Here I am smiling because Eddy and Elias are going to show me how to pivot and sit on the toilet. At this stage it’s practice runs but give me a few days and I’ll have it mastered I hope. I am still struggling to walk in the walker without putting weight on my left leg; if I had use of both legs I’d be laughing. 

I got a care package from Sheila in Key West who baked her backside off and made pounds of delicious sweet crumbly cookies. It was a hell of a gift and she made so many I have plenty to use, as she suggested, as bribes. It is a great morale booster. That and the cards and letters.  Glen in Colorado sent me a hand written note on paper and I enjoyed it as much as he anticipated I would. Fran sent me a follow up card and note for display! 

Having to be in isolation is a drag but I am still doing therapy. I put clean clothes on, wash my hands and make sure the dressing on the wound is sealed and I am good to go. And I do. In my new narrow chair I can use the rickshaw with both hands at once. That’s a first: 

You roll up between the handles and push them down while controlling their return. Over and over again. Which gives me strength to hold on to the walker frame as I practice walking on one leg. I sleep at night I exercise by day. I am tired. It feels like a job and I feel lucky to have it. Every day it gets a little easier to imagine a normal life again. Thank God for that. Thank you all for your encouragement, it means the world to me.