Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rain And Wind

We had a sudden burst of huge wind and rain over the Keys.

This isn't the sort of place that enjoys endless days of gray and drizzle. I like the rain to do this:

And usually it doesn't drag on, but this frontal collision has produced a surprising amount of gray skies and falling water.

Traffic keeps moving albeit slowly. People are afraid of water.

I love riding in the rain and yesterday my wife called to suggest gently I take a car...

I geared up for rain and rode. The winds were strong enough to blow stuff around but I don't find strong breezes as scary as many seem to when riding motorcycles.

I stay loose on the bike, pay attention and don't hold the bars in a death grip. The Bonneville, like Cheyenne, doesn't let bad weather hold us up.

I prefer sun and blue skies but we need the rain, the tell us.

Our water supplies come from the south Florida aquifer so we really need rain on the mainland. Down here rain gets us wet and we try to come prepared.

Some people think Crocs are foolish footwear. I find them eminently practical. Gay men don't wear ugly shoes and fearful straight men won't buy them in pink so I get mine half price from stores eager to unload their backed up supplies

Water water everywhere.

What I like here is that even though i'm soaked and my dog is soaked we aren't teeth chattering cold, it's just refreshing.

So we walk together, companionably, with Cheyenne looking for and finding scraps, while I seek images to illustrate the rain.

We seem to do well together.

I am already anticipating my 27 mile ride tom work through the storm and my blood is tingling as I inventory what I will need to take on the bike.

A long gray ride over the water and through the water... Key West!

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