Monday, January 8, 2018

Still Cold

This  cold snap needs to go away.  The shrimp boats as of yesterday were still parked on the horizon under the protection of the island of Key West, whipped by winds but facing small waves. When the shrimpers gather its always a sign of a strong north wind on the way.
I know 58 degrees (14 Canadian) seems paltry compared to what Minnesotans and Mainers face but they are prepared. We have three blankets, one fleece each two wool caps and extra socks. And we are used to 80 degrees. People from Up North bitch all the time when they venture here in the summer in temperatures I find tolerable and they expect me to empathize...
 Check out the clothing on the mob scrambling for hot coffee at Sandy's on White Street:
Wind proofing is the  trick. In the sun outside of the breeze it's quite comfortable but my house is on stilts and that doesn't help. I remember commentators in New Orleans after Katrina bridled at the suggestion the 9th Ward rebuild on stilts to avoid future floods. They said stilt houses looked like cocktail olives on toothpicks. Maybe so but they would have been dry...nonetheless my olive on a  stick gets wind shipped from all sides and underneath. It's an elevated ice box.
I saw the cruise ship in town yesterday, a huge hulk looming over the little chain stores at the end of Duval Street. More to the point check out the heavy winter clothing on the passersby.  Arctic blasts not anticipated by vacationing cruise ship travelers, I'm sure. Welcome to the tropics where we spend winter bundled up and summers getting battered by hurricanes. 
 Frankly I don't know how people cope without electricity Up North when ice storms strike. It's miserable sweating in the summer without electricity but being without electricity in a winter storms seems positively dangerous to me. I guess it's all in how you want Mother Nature to beat you up.
Supposedly we are supposed to be back in the eighties this week. Can't come soon enough for me.