Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Looking north up Simonton Street one sunny afternoon:
Harry Truman came speeding up the street just like the good old days.
I stood on the sidewalk enjoying the sun and the blue sky and the usual wooden architecture.
And the scooter riders buzzing by in what you might think is the bicycle lane.
Florida encourages bicycles to share the lanes with internal combustion which on the face of it sounds nice.  However  Key West has the most bicycles in the state I guess and therefore has the highest per capita  bicycle accident rate in Florida. Sharing the road has decided perils in a tourist town with drivers who don't know their way and enjoy the scenery while driving.
There's lots to see:

In my upside down world Duval Street would be pedestrian only while Simonton and Whitehead Streets would carry traffic one southbound and the other one way northbound allowing room for parking and safe bicycle lanes.  That sort of thinking brings down every kind of criticism in a  town filled with opinions. Luckily mine carry no weight and can therefore be ignored.