Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On The Water

Robert told me he needs to get motivation to get out on the water on his boat.
 In retirement he is a man of many projects, including Salty Dog:
 My wife got jealous after the last time Robert and I went out to lunch by boat.
 So she organized us into attempting a  ride to Geiger Key for lunch.
 It was a bit wild and wet outside for a twenty mile run to lunch, so sprayed and damp we quit.
 We took a turn around Cunjoe Bay instead enjoying the sun and the turquoise waters.
 It was lumpy out there and calm in here. Nice.
 Robert's 26-foot World Cat offers a very smooth ride:
 A great time with excellent views.

 Like they say its good to have a friend with a boat.
 We still needed lunch so rather less glamorously we drove to Square Grouper.
 I had chicken and waffles under the supervision of a mournful captive lion fish.
 It was a good day and  better yet because the boat wasn't mine to deal with...
We stopped taking the boat out when we discovered our new home on Cudjoe has a nice swimming canal with very little boat traffic and Cudjoe Bay offers no sight seeing and no pleasant swimming holes. When we lived on Newfound Harbor we went out a lot as our canal was too busy to swim in and a short boat ride netted us tons of good swimming holes with nice views.
So now we just jump straight into the canal for an afternoon swim. The perfect no maintenance pool.