Friday, July 9, 2021

Bahama to Rose

An early morning walk looking for things to look at, places often visited and not always seen. A reflection in a window of the Key West Theater:
Rusty looks down where I look up. Sometimes he finds street food.
Then someone puts out a bowl of water for dogs passing by and there he is, hours later at five in the morning. 
The story of Dave and Wendy, advertising I remember from my youth syill present in my mind. Pernicious salesmen!
Behind Wendy's the modern fast food place you can look across the parking lot at Old Key West:
Two bicycles for the price of one:
There has been an explosion of stores selling medical marijuana on Duval Street or some facsimile of it. I know not much at all about all of it except that these stores are everywhere rivaling t-shirt shops in their number. Just what a local wants to go shopping for on Duval.
Rusty on Rose Lane mooching about, walking away from the few drunks and the few cleaners on Duval.
The courthouse on Simonton Street, home of social security, federal judges, and all the apparatus of federal law.  Yes, Virginia, Key West is not abroad.