Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mangrove Rusty

I've assembled a few pictures from my walks with Rusty in assorted locations in the Lower Keys.
 The mud comes off easily enough with a garden hose at home, but the views stay imprinted.
 I do get to snag some wildlife from time to time.

 Lacking elevation the scenery distinctions are subtle. This is Sugarloaf Key.
 This is Middle Torch.
 And this is a happy dog.

 My impression of a Clyde Butcher black and white.
 He uses huge apparatus that gives amazingly crisp giant prints. 
 I am rather too impatient.

 You'd think I asked him to pose but he is actually camera aware and shy.

 Me with my walking-stick-with-a-seat. I can walk nearly a mile seven months after the wreck.
Red mangroves in salt water.
 My impression of a Japanese water color:
Have a great weekend!