Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Street

It was a whim, stopping on Rockland Key on my into Key West last week. Cheyenne didn't mind getting out of the car for a walk around an abandoned warehouse now for sale.In Spanish Calle Uno might be translated as "Street One" and the north side of Rockland Key has two streets, the one and Calle Dos. Which you might guess means "Second Street" or "Street Two" more accurately.The street runs dead due north for a distance of less than a mile and the brand new, black asphalt is testimony to the recent installation of central sewers in the neighborhood.I was talking with a colleague who grew up in Key west and he was reminiscing fondly about renting a three bedroom house with all modern conveniences 20 years ago for $1200, and these days you might pay twice that. And nice homes they are too worthy of a Sheriff's deputy it turns out:This is modern suburbia, picket fence and all:I rather liked the elaborate entryway on this home:Boats and palm trees. One side of the street has a canal and the other side opens to a shallow inlet.Henry pronounced this street name with no ear at all for the Spanish nuance ("kai-yay") but he pronounced it in what must be the Conch way, "calley" (rhymes with "alley") thus removing all romance from this place name.Where, I wondered, does one buy a tennis racquet to replace the normal flag on a mailbox? And then I wondered why?And then I realized that outdoor dust catchers are a big thing on Rockland Key. Everybody has them:There is a water glimpse from the street looking across the inlet due east at Big Coppitt Key:I think if my wife saw this water meter cover she would want a purple one too: I guess this fireplace got heavy use this winter. We are facing another cold front this weekend and it's the first time in weeks that cold temperatures aren't going down to the 50s at night.I have always wanted to own one these contraptions. I just can't think my wife would be amused by the joke were she to come home from a long day in the classroom to find one of these under the house. It would be fun zipping around on the rubber tracks.
This is xeriscaping Florida Keys style:I was impressed by this wall covered in limestone rocks:
The wall is simply common-or-garden cement blocks and cement underneath the limestone decoration:
This house used larger blocks with sea grasses of some sort and I liked the effect:They don't seem to be big on lawns on Calle Uno which is a good idea as far as I'm concerned. I have better uses fro my water and better uses for my time than pushing a mower:
Another glimpse of water beyond the Swiss chalet. There is some architectural variety around here.Or the shady tropical chalet style. A landlubber may not see it but let me assure you this Danforth anchor is badly twisted. I wonder what the storm story was:
They sell boats around here with water slides on them. Some people like to use the slides on their canals. I am anxious for the arrival of summer and afternoons spent swimming.And there, beyond my kennel lies the Overseas Highway at approximately Mile Marker 10:
I was quite pleasantly surprised by Rockland Key on my brief detour from the main road.