Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lovely Key West

These, on the other hand are pictures I took of Key West to show how we are weathering the Nemo Storm which has been smothering the northeast in snow. This is more my speed. 

I took this picture of the cracked house wondering how much one might pay in rent for a place like this, were it for rent at all. 

The Key West Youth Hostel on South Street. Much less expensive if you can sleep in a dorm even if you can find space there.

Cheyenne as usual not swimming, but cooling off.
This is a city of cars which may come as a surprise considering its geography. But if you look at old pictures of Key West you will always see, from the early 20th century, lots of cars parked on city streets. Like this, perhaps, only less so.

An abandoned house here below, "bank owned" I think they call them, or by that horrid euphemism REO, as though real estate could own itself.
Seen below Casa Marina, all washed out  in the distance by the powerful winter sun.
Lovely old Florida shutters to keep sunlight at bay.

Golly, just think, if we had seasons these leaves would be dead.
Reynolds School on the street by the same name.
This seems to be dentists' corner, my own is just up the street. However Claude Harris lacks this splendid old fashioned sign.

Hmm, Cheyenne seems to be wondering if Mommy's people are around...if she hadn't married me they would let her into the temple if she chose. But I am not one of the chosen people and she is thus polluted. Religion is weird. The Bishop of Monterey nearly refused to allow me to marry in the Roman church among whom I was born, because I was marrying a non believer. I'd have been fine getting spliced at city hall...damnation be damned!

Not Key West

I saw these pictures on the Huffington Post. I thought about it for a while. I have no regrets about where I live. You lot keep the seasons, I'm fine season free.