Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Solares Hill

NB: I got a comment that the print size was too small and I increased it a bit. Is this noticeable? Helpful?

Apparently Solares Hill has been measured and the height given for the 21st century (sea level rise notwithstanding) is 18 feet, or five and a half Canadian feet. I always thought it was 14 feet, but apparently the dimple has grown. Or I wasn't paying attention.

I wrote about this spot in 2008 on this page and not much has changed. The Vespa pictured in 2008 looks the same but now has a new owner in Key West. The hill hasn't changed. The pictures on this page are bigger now I have a 20 million pixel camera instead of the 500,000 pixel HTC phone camera.

Looking west toward Simonton Street at the bottom of the hill, unhelpfully flattened by the camera optics, below. They have 100 million pixel cameras for sale nowadays and they still flatten hills. 

As I mentioned in 2008 there is no sign here that this is the highest spot in Key West. Everyone crowds around Mile Marker Zero as though touching that sign confers magical healing powers. Solares Hill crests somewhere near the red car in the picture below.  Not that anyone cares.

I've added a few more photos I took from the area. 

Solares Hill is the hump on the far right of the picture below:

Find the church and you've found the hill, a Caribbean look in bright winter sunlight.