Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Little Hamaca

I had a chance to take Rusty into the woods at Little Hamaca City Park so I did.
I see clumps of  Spanish Moss and wonder who put them there as they seem rather of place at these latitudes and in this heat. I associate Spanish Moss with central and north Florida forests.
Little Hamaca has a reputation as a pick up location for gay men stuck in the closet  by circumstances that once were a way of life. These unfortunates are reputed to roam these woods in the middle of the city but all I can tell you is if they exist they are as unlikely to me as Bigfoot is to any rational thinker.
I see homeless tents and bedding abandoned after a winter's residence, periodically moved along of course but returning insistently. Of gay men furtively looking to pick anyone up I have never seen a  sign.
Still, these rumors are fine by me as any reason to encourage people to stay away means more silence, more shady open space for me. 
When I was recovering from my accident I used to push my walker up and down the paved sections of the park, slightly obsessive possibly and decidedly uncomfortable in wooly slippers, the only footwear that would cover my swollen feet. Those slippers pissed me off every day and made me feel like the stereotype of an old man.  All that work paid off because now I can blunder around at will getting scratched and dusty in the shrubbery. 
And we do. Rusty used to slow down and pace me as I struggled with the walker but these days he goes ahead and waits for me at the bends in the trail. 
I really like having little Hamaca as a small easy to find refuge in the city. 
And really it's not as quiet as it might appear as the airport is next door and unreasonably busy.

Eaton Night

I stopped at Searstown first and let Rusty out of the car. He pottered around briefly as I assembled leash and camera and phone before getting out of the car myself. By the time I stepped out of the front door of the Fusion, Rusty had hopped back up onto his blanket on the back seat and was looking hard at me. Clearly he wasn't in the mood for an industrial walk this morning. I got back in the car.
I figured if he wanted an old town walk we could do worse than stop on Eaton Street and let him decide where to go. He led me to Whitehead Street and we turned past the Banyan Resort headed in the general direction of Mallory Square.
These early morning walks have been lovely with cool east winds keeping the humidity away and making walking a pleasure. I fear someone not used to hot tropical mornings might find the term "cool" unlikely but all I can say is I am not alone in finding this June's breeziness refreshing.
We walked past the old water tank inside the Truman Annex fence...
...and thanks to Rusty stopping to smell each tree truck I had time enough to photograph the explanation for the old water tank. Then I noticed the brilliant white Christmas tree- blazing on a June morning. Suitably eccentric thought I.
I describe myself as spiritually impaired, that is to say unimpressed by claims of the supernatural so essential oils don't hold a scented candle to vaccines. I should take my own advice and find out what exactly "smudges" might be on Google but I expect the results will appall my rational sense of orderliness. Barnum was right. 
The other essential oil comes in a  can though why the best place for the empty is the comforting embrace of the tree roots I couldn't say. There it is:
Puerile humor makes the ice cream go down I suppose. Not that my disdain will stop me enjoying this bizarre form of underfoot advertising. 
The sun started to appear as it usually does around here and with it came daylight. Rusty led me back to the car aftera  brief 30 minute walk and we drove home. 
He is decidedly not as energetic as he was when he was younger but I have to remember he was of an unknown age when he came into my life fully five years ago. He eats well, he sleeps well, and he knows what he likes and that's all I can ask. Quite a few years more would be nice.  
There was quite the color show on display and I had to fire off a bunch of spray and pray shots but I got one I quite liked. Summer does look beautiful in Key West at dawn.